Hello everyone, my name is Parks Plant and I am the creator of Kilt Nation. First off, let me give you a little history about how Kilt Nation came to be. Ever since I was a child I have always been fascinated by kilts. I purchased my first Utilikilt in January of 2012 which got me instantly hooked on the lifestyle. I would wear my kilt to many different places and events, such as music festivals and conventions. After a while people would recognize me year after year at these different events and call me "The Kilt Guy". One year I decided to hand-make ‘kandi‘ bracelets that said "Kilt Nation" on them just to pass out to others I would come across who were also wearing kilts since we had something in common. Eventually I decided to start social media pages on Facebook and Instagram to share my experiences while in a kilt and to also give a place for the kilted to interact with each other. One day I had a custom hat made that said Kilt Nation on it which drew a lot of attention from other kilt wearers who continued to ask me where I got it because they wanted one. At this time I realized that I had something that I could share with the kilted community and decided to turn Kilt Nation into what it is today.

The goal for Kilt Nation is to become the world’s most well know place where the kilted community can gather and share their love for this amazing garment. I currently host meet-up events from time to time where kilted folks can gather for drinks and socialize with each other. I have also started a Spartan Race team that goes by the name Team Kilt Nation for those who love to do OCR racing in their kilt. If you are ever interested in joining us for a meet-up, Spartan Race, or any other event that we might be attending or hosting, be sure to check out the Events page to find out where we will be.

Together lets make Kilt Nation THE place for all kilt fans to gather!